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All the resources you need to learn Mandarin — one story at a time

Introducing our revolutionary new Mandarin bilingual literacy program – crafted by educators to spark a love of Mandarin – one story at a time.

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Grow young minds with bilingual Mandarin ebooks and nurture a love of reading

StoryWorld includes bilingual text and audio with every story.

Unlock enchanting stories and ignite a passion for Mandarin

Watch little minds blossom into bilingual bookworms!

Combine the best of both worlds with activities online and off-screen

“My daughter is loving this program! It’s interactive, simple. She loves to read and then test herself—she can go back to the story and hear the words again to keep learning. It’s fantastic.”

— S. Auerbach (parent of 6-year old)

Discover a bilingual library of enchanting stories

Choose form 24 themes, including science, social studies, and culture, covering more than 2000 common words and phrases.

“Our son loves StoryWorld. At first we thought he was just playing on the ipad. Then we were amazed he was actually learning Mandarin!”

-Emily Polcari, Parent of 4 year old

Turn progress into play with activities that earn points and stars

Each bilingual story and related activities is a gateway to a learning adventure, ensuring your child’s experience with literature is immersive, comprehensive, and totally enriching – one story at a time.

Begin with questions that practice vocabulary, listening, and reading in Mandarin
Your child gets to test their knowledge with multiple choice questions that reinforce vocabulary, listening, and reading.

More fun with speaking and writing
Your child will enjoy hours of fun recording his or her own voice – and even writing responses! They’ll be able to retell a story, read it aloud, and even express an opinion – all in Mandarin!

Celebrate with stars and points
With every activity, they’ll delight in earning stars and points, revealed at the end of every story. You will watch their progress, listen to their adorable voices, and see the results of their efforts through your own family dashboard!

Dive into a digital playground with over 1000 literacy games

Printable Mandarin activities with each story!

There’s no need to spend extra prep time searching for support materials. All of our Storybooks and Wordbooks come with printable activity sheets that engage creative work off-screen as they practice new Mandarin skills

Reinforce new Mandarin vocabulary

Key words are emphasized to help children build confidence and master important Mandarin vocabulary and pronunciation.

Promote Mandarin language understanding

Questions assure kids fully understand the story in Mandarin. Exercises prompt them to reflect on the story and practice writing.

Build Mandarin literacy and grammar skills

Construct sentences with Mandarin characters from key vocabulary. Drawing activities help to support recall.

Develop creativity with original storytelling

With every activity, children are encouraged to think "beyond the text” and even write their own short story in Mandarin!

“This is a great site. Love the stories! The bilingual option is awesome. We also like the fact there are other activities besides stories for the kids to do.”

-Parent of Kindergartener

Why we’re different

The Learning Science behind StoryWorld:

Compelling stories
Storytelling enhances language fluency, vocabulary acquisition, recall, and concentration.
Abundant visual clues
Research shows that stories, when accompanied by pictures, help learners acquire content more quickly.

Instant translations on-demand
Literacy developed in the primary language transfers to the second language.

“We like the variety of stories, the quality of the content, the ease of use. The books are easy and fun to read.”

-Parent customer review

Now the whole family can have fun learning Mandarin!

StoryWorld lets you create a personal account for everyone in your family!

StoryWorld is designed for learners of all ages

Follow everyone’s bilingual journey on your own dashboard

Track progress, celebrate milestones, and enjoy the joy of shared achievements;

Rest easy knowing that StoryWorld was developed in collaboration with leading early literacy experts and bilingual specialists – and is backed by research.

“StoryWorld incorporates the ideal approaches that research shows are the ways to make language learning come to life.

Dr. Jenni Trujillo

Dean of the School of Education at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado

Developed with support from the U.S. Department of Education

StoryWorld was developed with R&D funding from the U.S. Department of Education with 3-years of research provided by WestEd.

Supports independent learning

“Students using StoryWorld performed as well as those with a book and teacher support...the program allows students to learn independently in formal and informal settings.”

Encourages a love for reading

“Students demonstrated statistically significant increases in their motivation to read, Self-Concept as a Reader, and Value of Reading. Students eagerly read multiple books in a single session, going beyond the prescribed requirement of only one book.”

Quickly integrates into curriculum

“Teachers articulated that the StoryWorld product would be a very useful tool in their classrooms and could be integrated into their curriculum for ELA or ELD support.”

Voted #1 Literacy Solution by Superintendents


Find answers to all your questions on our main FAQ page or reach out to our friendly team in the form below.

Can I get StoryWorld free for my class?

Yes. When you sign up for a teacher account, you will get our Premium service at no cost for 2 months. After 2 months, your can choose to upgrade to Premium or continue to use your free account.

What grade levels are best for StoryWorld?

StoryWorld is perfect for learning Mandarin in all grades! Our library of interactive stories is leveled by difficulty, plus a searchable feature helps teachers find stories and resources that match common themes. Worksheets and interactive games further support explicit instruction in Mandarin.

Can I use StoryWorld to supplement my existing Mandarin curriculum?

Yes. StoryWorld is designed to be a fun and engaging supplement to any language program. Our stories are all narrated by native speakers and designed to reinforce the natural cadence of the language while also building common vocabulary in Spanish.

What makes StoryWorld different from other language-learning programs?

To our knowledge, no other ebook library offers word-by-word translations in both text and audio. This kind of instant support enables learners transfer their language skills from English to Mandarin—an approach backed by academic research.

Does StoryWorld work on all devices? Some of my students do not have a computer at home.

Yes. StoryWorld works on all devices connected to wifi, including computers, smartphones and tablets. Our program makes it easy for students to continue their learning at home, on whatever device is available to them.

How does StoryWorld engage all language modalities?

StoryWorld offers many ways to practice reading, listening, writing and speaking skills. Every story includes opportunities for students to record their voices, games that reinforce new vocabulary and worksheets to encourage more writing off-screen.

Invest in your child’s future

Experience StoryWorld at no cost for 1 month.

Here’s what your family will enjoy with your subscription:

*All online and downloadable bilingual resources are in English, Spanish, and Mandarin. Selected bilingual ebooks include: Arabic, Bengali, Dari, Korean, Pashto, Polish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Ukrainian, Vietnamese. All languages are included in one subscription.

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